Shannon, Inc.

 Shannon Forwarding is a company founded in 1985, therefore we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of Foreign Trade, we are also part of the Casa Homs corporate, a very solid customs group with a presence in various parts of the world, our services are focused on shipping and handling of merchandise inside and outside of Mexico. We are located in Laredo, Texas: the main gateway to Mexico from the United States.

Our services

Import and export services

We have several lines of trucks that we work with to provide you with a fast and efficient service at a good price. Our associates handle all types of freight, including:

  • National and international freight.
  • Consolidated freight.
  • Door to door freight.
  • Transport of goods, land, air and rail.
  • Transfer service for customs clearance.
  • Load on all types of routes, including trucks, dry boxes, platforms, lowboys and wagons.
Warehouse services


  • We have 2 warehouses for your convenience.
  • We offer storage of all kinds of merchandise.
  • We have specific areas for the type of material (edible or inedible).
  • We have 2 fully covered warehouses and two large patios to store.
  • The warehouses are completely fenced and your material will be very well protected.
  • Our warehouses are within walking distance of each one.
FTZ services

We have a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) of more than 100 square feet in which we offer the following services:

  • Storage of goods in free zones and warehouses.
  • In-Bond preparation and cancellation.
  • Bail clearance for import and export.
  • Merchandise inventory.


Servicios de Fletes y Cruce de mercancia:

Contamos con diversas lineas con las que trabajamos para brindarles un Servicio agil y eficaz a un buen precio. Nuestros asociados manejan todo tipo de flete incluyendo:

  • Fletes por cobrar
  • Fletes consolidados
  • Fletes puerta-puerta
  • Flete, terrestre, aero y ferroviario.
  • Servicio de transfer para cruce de aduana.
  • Fletes en todo tipo de via incluyendo camioncitos, cajas secas, plataformas, lowboys, y carros de ferrocaril.
Freight and Merchandise Crossing Services:

We have several lines with which we work to provide you with an agile and efficient service at a good price. Our associates handle all types of freight including:

  • Freight collect
  • Consolidated freight
  • Door-to-door freight
  • Freight, land, air and rail.
  • Transfer service for customs crossing.
  • Freight on all types of routes including trucks, dry boxes, platforms, lowboys, and rail cars

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