Our services


Loading and unloading of dry boxes of all sizes (20 ‘, 23’ 35, 48 ‘and 53’ long)

Loading and unloading of rail cars (containers, wagons and gondolas)

Transshipments of all types of merchandise that come via the following means:

  • Dry box
  • Platform
  • Semi-lowboy
  • Lowboy
  • Railway carriage
  • Gondola
  • container
    Our wineries have the following Service Hours:



  • Monday to Friday
  • Office: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Winery: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Overtime service is also available at the request of the client and subject to extra cost.Transshipments of all types of merchandise that come via the following means:Dry box

Shannon Forwarding Inc. I

13503 Regional Dr.

Laredo Texas 78045

  • It has 12 doors for loading and unloading
  • It has a railroad for unloading and loading 4 vans at the same time.
  • Ample space for storage and storage of more than 25-30 boxes in the yard at a time.
  • Shannon Forwarding Inc. II

    13502 Unitec Dr. Laredo Texas 78045
    • It has 6 loading and unloading doors.
    • Parking for 15 boxes in the yard at a time.
    • Another separate patio for the storage of another 15-20 boxes at a time.

    Shannon Forwarding Inc. I

    We have a Fiscal Warehouse (FTZ Zone) of more than 100 square feet in which we offer the following services:

    • FTZ and In-bond merchandise storage
    • Preparation and cancellation of In-bonds
    • In-bond trademark clearance for import and export.
    • Inventory of merchendise


    Our warehouses have the following security services for your convenience:

    • Fire alarm, theft and transfer.
    • Closed circuit of 27 cameras covering every angle inside and outside our facilities.
    • We have a perimeter alarm which runs around the entire patio and alerts in case of any intrusion.
    • Our warehouses are fully closed and are monitored 24/7 by a specialized team.
    • In case the alarm is activated, the police are sent automatically.

    Merchandise Insurance:

    We have merchandise insurance for your convenience. Insurance covers the following

    • Stole
    • Fire
    • Damage
    • Losses

    Collection and delivery of Goods.

     We have service and credit line for our clients from the following parcel companies:

    • Fedex (including, Fedex ground, freight and Fedex air)
    • UPS (including UPS ground, Freight and UPS Air)
    • DHL
    • Estafeta
    • USPS

    We have a Customs Agency clearance service

    For (Laredo Texas y Colombia, Nuevo Leon)

    Type of Import and Export

    • Definitive
    • Temporary
    • Direct
    • Indirect
    • Concentrated
    • Consolidated


    • Calculating taxes
    • Classification
    • E-documents
    • Coves
    • Revisions
    • Pedimentos (todo tipo)
    • AES Shippers
    • Power of Attorney (power of attorney)

    Freight and Merchandise Crossing Services

      We have several lines with which we work to provide you with an agile and efficient service at a good price. Our associates handle all types of freight including:



    • Freight collect
    • Consolidated freight
    • Door-to-door freight
    • Freight, land, air and rail.
    • Transfer service for customs crossing.
    • Freight on all types of routes including trucks, dry boxes, platforms, lowboys, and rail cars.

    Shunting equipment (forklift)

    • Toyota Forklift with 4500 lbs capacity
    • Toyota Forklift con capacidad de 5000 lbs
    • 2 Toyota Forklifts with 8500 lbs capacity
    • 1 Clark Froklift with 35,000 lbs capacity
    • Toyota Forklift with 4500 lbs capacity
    • 6000 lb Capacity Toyota Forklift

    The forklifts can be transported from one warehouse to another since the warehouses are 2 blocks away.